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IntroAeromodelling 4.0 project was born from the observation the coaches of CMBL made in their two modelling schools of Blenod and Landres : numerical , computer , codification are part of the life of our youngest kids. The same guys we can’t retain easily in aeromodelling

We had until then a reluctance to form them differently than we learn in our time but now with unbelievable technological change we can't stay on a classical vision of aeromodelling as it was practiced a few years ago, focused on traditional building activities

AvionThis type of building models was during long time the only one we know and use. It allowed to learn patience, thoroughness, and use his ten fingers. It certainly contributed to the development and education of our members. It opened their minds and allowed to see that what we learnt in school had immediate use in the day life. It also gave a taste for effort, perseverance and the ability to live in a group. But it is not the good way to way from to day
The pedagogy to be used today with the current generation to transmit these same values has to be different.

In a first approach to the evolution of club practices, we have developed actively the use of composite materials in the building for high competition level models.
We were thus able to obtain repeatability and speed in building but we observed that few of our young members accepted to learn this modern new technological ways to build models. The step was too big between classical building with wood and high technological composites molding and building.

So today we have the certitude that we have to use computer assisted programs in our modelling schools to develop creativity, design abilities, intellectual property and also learning pedagogy.

To open the use of the digital fabrication permits to very different people to collaborate in a complete project. This allows to mix different people with different degrees of skill because of their different ages of ages and that brings also a true complementarity: seniors, through their aeromodelling experiences, can give advises to youngest during the steps of conception, while these young people may perform computer modeling for manufacturing any parts of a model..

In first conclusion, the intensification of exchanges, as well as the good use of social networks, can only promote the emergence of new aeromodelling projects. When young beginner takes a part out of the CNC machine. The part is as he designed it. A lot of controls permitted the machine to realize this part, so it is perfect when the young modeler takes it. He can be congratulate by is teacher , so his opinion of himself is a good point on the way to continue in another project (even small). He learnt that he is able to learn ! and succeed !

In second conclusion the club cannot be satisfied to be a simple spectator of these technological changes. The waited advantages could be :

  • Manufacturing of kits by teachers and coaches for new beginners in order to simplify the Building of the first model
  • Improving Flying by spending less time in the workshop
  • Decreasing the stress when learning to fly, by reducing the risk of breakage and arguing about the easiness of repair (repair kits). 
  • Involving the youngest in a work of regular preparation which can be done at home according to their availability and skill and not only during the opening hours of the school club workshop
  • Creating a link with the activities (impression 3d) they made in school technology on the edge age 11-15 years
  • Creating a dematerialized catalog of models integrating technical developments Improving them (more competitive)
  • Reducing costs by minimizing defective parts that couldn’t be obtained by traditional construction method (manual cutting).
  • Promoting useful time behind the screens for the youngest people who are generally used to have fun when they are behind a computer or a smartphone.
  • Manufacturing kits for gifts during various Cadet podium awards /Juniors
  • Manufacturing discovery kits for our participation in the festivals of associations, , school convention ….





Consult now the official invitation for World Cup Competition of KARLSKOGA on May 21st-24th, 2020.


KarlskogaWorldCup 2020

Our juniors in the spotlight

Our juniors received a diploma from the Regional Aeromodelling League for their results on this sports season. They also received a gift voucher as a gift which they will be able to use to purchase competition equipment.

Congratulations to our young future champions and their monitor Fabrice

AG LAM Aéro - 04 01 2020 04
AG LAM Aéro - 04 01 2020 07
AG LAM Aéro - 04 01 2020 09
AG LAM Aéro - 04 01 2020 10
AG LAM Aéro - 04 01 2020 14
AG LAM Aéro - 04 01 2020 21


JeanMagneWe're sorry to hear the sad news concerning the passing of our friend Jean Magne. It happened on Thursday 17th of October, he was 89 years old.

We would like to extend our sincerest condolences to Françoise, his family and his friends.


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