For several years now, we're avid users of CNC machines. Most of our pieces are so milled, with accuracy and quality. This technology also allows us to reach a repeatability level greater than a manual work, as good as it is. This repeatability has allowed us to build many almost identical models in flight or in performance.

Today, we present to you our last conception: bottom of a F2C fuselage. Built as a prototype last year, it made its proofs during the season, that's why Matthieu starts the building of several fuselages. These are designed to be assembled with our crutch concept, also CNC milled and with our wing airfoil to ensure the best accuracy of gluing.

Made in two halves, it begins with the roughing and finishing of the engine cooling duct and rear shell. Once milled, fiberglass is applied on this duct with amale mould, to get a smooth surface, reducing pressure losses and hereby improving the airflow. Another benefit, a perfect seal against fuel, a point too often neglected but which has a hard impact of model aging.
This step done, back on the CNC mill and we start roughing and finishing of the external shape. You can see that place for the landing gear leg is made to receive a aluminium tube, which will be covered by a balsa cap, the whole bonded with epoxy. Exhaust outlet is also provided.
Finally, when halves milling are done, there's only to assemble everything using a jig to align the two halves engine cylinder.

Great job!

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