​A practice session will be organised . The practice flights will hold with groups of 4 pilots. Every competitor will be authorized 1 (one) practice round of 3 minutes.


Races will be run with groups of 4 pilots.

There will be 3 (three) or if possible 4 (four) qualification rounds of 2 minutes. The result of each competitor for the qualification stage will be the average of the 3 (three) best times recorded to perform one valid circuit lap taking in account all the qualifying rounds. After the qualification stage, the 32 pilots with the fastest averaged times. Those will pass to the elimination stage


Scenario B (32 pilots selected from qualification stage) with double elimination sequence will be applied. Every race will be run on 3 (three) laps


The two best placed in the last elimination round (one race) and the two best placed in the last round of the double elimination sequence (one race) are selected for the final to determine their final ranking from 1st to 4th place

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